Alaskan Personal Survival Kit Suggestions

(Most items available for sale at Wilderness Way)

Survival Information Cards
Small Lockback Knife or MultiTool
Knife Sharpener
Compass & Topographic Map of Area
Large Bobby Pin
Small Can Opener
Fanny Pack or Pocket Vest & Zip Lock Bags

FIRE - (Carry 3 or More Ways!)
Matches in Waterproof Container & Candles
'StrikeForce' or 'BlastMatch' and 'WetFire' Tinder
Alaska 'FireMite' or 'WindMill' Lighter

Small 'DayHiker' First Aid Kit or equivalent
Mosquito Headnet
Bug Repellent
Sunscreen Lotion

Gerber Folding Saw or Commando Wire Saw
Nylon Utility Cord
MPI 'Emergency SPACE Bag' or AMK 'Survival Bag'

'Micropur' Water Disinfectant Tablets or a Water Filter
MSR 'Dromedary Bag' Water Carrier or "Platypus' Bag
Metal Cup or small Metal Pot & Lid (drink, cook in, etc)

Meal Pack Bar or MRE or Lifeboat Ration
Beef Jerky or Salmon Jerky
'XL-1 Energy Tabs' or 'PowerBars,' etc.
Small Fishing Kit (customized)

SIGNALS - (Carry 3 or More Ways!)
Whistle or Air Horn
'StarFlash' Signal Mirror
MPI 'SPACE Emergency Blanket' (also shelter)
'Zipka' LED Headlamp or small LED Flashlight

OTHER ITEMS to Consider -
Cell Phone, Satellite Phone, or Personal Emergency Locator Beacon (PLB), Rx Meds, Game Snares, Small Gill Net, Bear Deterrent Spray, Aerial Signal Flares, Sheath Knife or Small Axe, Suitable Firearm & Ammo.

 Rip-Lipper Guide Service


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